When bright girls decide that math is a waste of time

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Analysis of Susan Jacoby – When Bright Girls Decide Math is a Waste of Time

Revision Option will be offered if Essay #1 is turned in on time. Late FAS & RA #1 will be penalized 1/2 letter grade. DEADLINES: See WR Course Plan "When Bright Girls Decide that Math Is a 'Waste of Time.'" The New. The following questions are about the article written by Susan Jacoby called When Bright Girls Decide Math is a Waste of Time.

Comprehension: 1. What reasons does Jacoby give for girls’ deficiency in math and science? When Bright Girls Decide That Math is "a Waste of Time" PURPOSE To inform parents of high school girls that once they get on high school, some of their views change and it is their job as parents to tell them no and that the classes are valuable.

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When Bright Girls Decide That Math is a Waste of Time.

When Bright Girls Decide That Math Is "A Waste of Time" By- sU ZHEN HUANG, XUAN LUO AUTHOR--Susan Jacoby Born -- Michigan State University Journalistic career

When bright girls decide that math is a waste of time
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