What shall we do about our ever increasing population

Those mums who did not have money to serve the children she has. There even are major cities that could be flooded. So in the fishery example, each fisherman takes an agreed smaller quota, which is sustainable. And the concern in the U.

Someone, someday, and probably sooner than later, is going to take some sort of radical action to address this problem before it becomes too late. Due to over population govt is incapable of providing employment, medical facility and even shelter to some poor people. So government should take steps to stop this by force people to control this.

Instead of giving birth we should help poor people to seek. When these exceed key tipping points, nature and its systems can change quickly and dramatically. Those improvements still would not be enough on their own to avert significant climate change.

The government can not keep track on every citizens. Furthermore, educating girls reduces birthrates. No one wants to see death rates rise through famine, disease, and war. Dec 22, Hey friends, according to me the measures that we must take in order to control overpopulation are: If sea levels rise, many of them are in the locations most likely to be flooded.

We have become too successful and because of that success our population expands. Its prime duty of every couple to think that when they give birth to a child they are capable to make that child a good and well developed citizen, only then our country would be progressing at faster rate.

Often statements like this are assumed to refer to the poor, but our organisation, Population Matters, stresses that affluent parents must also seriously consider having one less child than they may have planned.

The bad news is that despite this, the 58 highest fertility countries are projected to triple their numbers by Whereas more people once meant more ingenuity, more talent and more innovation, today it just seems to mean less for each.

This is because each herdsman continues to find it advantageous, personally and for his family, to put yet one more cow on the land, and another and another—even if the later new arrivals are thinner and less productive than before—right up to the point that the grazing limit is finally exceeded and all the cows die and all the families suffer.

Already the earth is experiencing harsher droughts, fiercer storms and higher sea levels. Population tends to self-regulate based upon access to birth control and education for women. In every nation, rich and poor, in which a choice of contraceptives is available and is backed up by reasonably accessible safe abortion for when contraception fails, women have two or fewer children.

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With advances in health care and technology, we certainly have won the battle against infant mortality and many other ailments, but on the other side, we have failed miserably in checking the birth rate. The younger adults and kids on the street. In the end the natural order will re-assert itself.

By which we also can check its response. Because simple only concerning is not the solution of any problems. If I go to the temple I could not even pray for 5 minutes then what is the point to go to the temple by so many hours in standing in the long queue. Population is not a contrasting force to consumption but something very close to its parent.

When the camel collapses with a broken back, the last straw did not really do it. If we allow unremitting population growth to continue we humans cannot escape the same fate; however cleverly we might adapt to all the different environments on earth, we only have one finite planet to live on and 70 per cent of it is salt water, and half of the remainder is desert, mountain, icecap or fast-disappearing forest.

A close look at this problem is sobering: If the family is poor also they should provide education for each and every one.

The Planet Earth is not capable to have overpopulation. But the evidence suggests that what women want—and have always wanted—is not so much to have more children as to have more for a smaller number of children they can reliably raise to healthy adulthood.

Accept the challenge and celebrate the change.

What shall we do about our Ever-Increasing Population?

You can consider beggars which are useless, otherwise every person gives service to the nation.View Test Prep - What shall we do to our Ever-Increasing Population from METEROLOGY SMR at University of Nairobi.

Running head: WHAT SHALL WE DO ABOUT OUR EVER-RISING POPULATION? What shall we do. We can prevent humanity from ever reaching 9 billion people without quotas or violating human rights.

Here's how to stop population growth humanely. And these problems are only increasing as we increase in numbers. Mar 19,  · Best Answer: 1. abortion 2. use condoms 3. reward people who have less children 4. require some families to go to the military or farming 5. limit city population 6.

move the capital to a less dense populated (like brazil) 7. hire a thug 8. kill prisoners that's all i could think ofStatus: Resolved. Hi Friends, our nation population is increasing day by day. People who are living in backward areas unaware about the family planning.

They think child is gift of God how can we stop that to do. We should arrange family planning program for that kind of people. Hows small family is. Jul 22,  · Home» gd» What shall we do about our Ever-Increasing Population?

group discussion [GD] What shall we do about our Ever-Increasing Population? group discussion [GD] What shall we do about our Ever-Increasing Populat Indian Economy: Old Wine in New Bottle!Author: Anonymous.

what shall we do about our ever-rising population? 2 Introduction According to agronumericus.com (), when population rise strikes a country for long, it leads to resource deployment, a factor that pulls down long-term economic development.

What shall we do about our ever increasing population
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