Ajayi v briscoe

The Eagles removed him from the injury report on Friday. The principle essentially implies that telecommunications services should be accessible to all individuals, especially for emergency purpose.

The practical consequence is interoperability and the ability to access and operate services through a single device e. In Ajayi v briscoe Trees the plaintiff company was able to restore payment of full rent although estopped back rent was lost from earlybut would have been able to restore full rent at any time after the initial promise provided a suitable period of notice had been given.

Realities reveal a need to strengthen regulatory practice and reposition the Information and Communications Technology in Nigeria in order to enable further development.

Although there is presently no potent legal or regulatory framework to guide conduct on the internet, efforts are made to do so at inter-governmental level through ICANN.

Vodafone petitioned the court in the combined cases of St. The parameters of this doctrine seem presently not to be clearly defined.

Briscoe 1 WLR or where he alters his position as a result of relying on that promise when Ajayi v briscoe he suffers no detriment. As an equitable remedy, it is available only when warranted by established equitable principles or by the legitimate processes of legal reasoning, by analogy, induction and deduction, starting from the conceptual foundations of such principles In Hughes v Metropolitan Railway Co.

In this regard it should be noted that Nigeria presently lacks a data protection law.

Estoppel in English law

Lord Scott of Foscote, with whom the other Lords agreed, described at length that someone who seeks to rely on proprietary estoppel must establish an actual or certain interest in the property to which he claimed a right.

However, promissory estoppel may permanently extinguish the rights of the promisor to claim lump sum after part-payment.

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In Combe v Combe Denning elaborated on the equitable nature of estoppel by refusing to allow its use as a "sword" by an ex-wife to extract funds from the destitute husband. One of the causes of this problem has been the poor quality, insufficiency and inefficiency of the basic infrastructure that supports the operation of ICT networks and equipment in Nigeria.

Detrimental reliance on the representation[ edit ] The proof of possible detriment or prejudice, which will appear if the promisor is allowed to revert to his original promise, is required. While the courts will generally uphold the expectations of parties, if the parties are themselves not clear about their expectations the court's starting point will be the detriment incurred by the parties per Robert Walker LJ Jennings v Rice [7].

In the case Brikom Investments Ltd v Carr [] 2 All ER CA, a landlord made an oral promise to his tenants that if they bought a 99 year lease to their flats he would repair the roofs of the flats at his own expense.

The parties are estopped from asserting otherwise. In English law, a promise made without consideration is generally not enforceable, and is known as a gratuitous promise.

Woodhouse Israel Cocoa Ltd v Nigerian Produce Marketing Board [] AC held that a contract for the sale of some coffee beans was agreed to be payable in pound sterling.

The contract itself gives rise to an estoppel: Applying this principle, Denning held that a promise to accept a lower rent during the war years was binding on the landlord, regardless of the fact that the tenant had supplied no consideration for it.Waltons Stores (Intersale) v Maher Austrailain case where promissory estoppel was used to get payment for a building firm who finished the whole project before money came.

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Promissory estoppel. Promissory estoppel like proprietary estoppel is popular types of equitable estoppel.

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The importance of equitable estoppel was stated in Crabb V. Arun DC () 1 Ch that “equity comes in. to mitigate the rigours of strict law.

it prevents a person from insisting on his strict legal rights. when it would be inequitable for him to do so having regards to.

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Ajayi v briscoe
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