A overview of 2001 presidential inauguration protest

A group called Turn Your Back on Bush promises that demonstrators from 49 states and all walks of life will line the parade route and turn their backs on the presidential limousine as it passes. Secret Service agents, gasping for breath, tried to keep up. But now we've got a waiting list.

She just went back to the van to get warm. Most of them would not make it out alive if that was the case. The president began his inaugural address by reassuring the nation with the famous words, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

JohnsonRichard M. Radical left-wing groups like International A. Bush, yes I have some fears. There were 16 in all. But the international press saw the protests as a sign that U.

Organizer Malik Zulu Shabazz, explaining why many in his group wore helmets and other protective gear, pointed to the police and said, "We are not among friends. Winter in Washington Wednesday 19 January In this photo, President Lincoln is shown delivering his inaugural address on the east portico of the U.

Then, just before Bush started his drive, a squad of riot police staged a mock assault on the protesters at 14th St.

Inauguration Day protests through history

They have been told to leave anti-Bush buttons, banners and signs at home. The whole display tonight put me in mind of some lines I once taught to my students, back when I was an English teacher a million years ago.

I had my left hand on the Bible and my right hand in the air, and I was about to take the oath of office, and I said to myself, 'How the hell did Kara get that seat?

Good thing this event isn't happening in Boston. He does this by quickly moving the time of the speech into the future, and invokes repetition of the phrase "Let both sides Wednesday 19 January Someone check what's lurking behind that seventh hill, please.

Big, loud crowd waiting to get through the checkpoint to the parade route protest spot. The banking industry was failing and millions of Americans were out of work. Eisenhower lassoed by a cowboy During the inaugural parade on January 20,Dwight Eisenhower was lassoed by cowboy star Montie Montana with permission from the Secret Service as Vice President Richard Nixon and other dignitaries looked on.

Bush thinks he has this huge mandate when he barely won the election. National organizer Jet Heiko says the group expects thousands of people from 41 states to travel here for a silent protest along the parade route. Fences, barriers and roadblocks have been erected across the city and 7, law enforcement agents from more than federal, state and local agencies are on patrol.

The Florida recount energized protesters at Bush's inauguration. The concert featured performances and readings of historical passages by more than three dozen celebrities. Thursday 20 January This is a southern town, after all; one flake hits the ground and everyone loses their mind.

We are not going to stop fighting until we free Leonard. Our job is to represent the 61 million Americans who voted in record numbers to give the President a mandate for a conservative agenda.

No violence, no profanity, no racism, no provocations, obey the law and treat all law enforcement officers with respect.

First inauguration of George W. Bush

The largest is expected to be a 5 p. It should be interesting, to say the least. A chant of 'Let us in! Please click through with your most generous gift NOW: Across the avenue from the liberated bleachers, an elaborate, enclosed viewing stand had been erected for Washington officials and big-money guests.

However, people will be gathering along the parade route from early morning on through the afternoon. Even then, after a court order told the cops to let demonstrators in, police officials delayed for hours before letting the protesters through the checkpoints at 13th and 14th streets.

I got about ten steps away, and was stopped by an armored cop who demanded to know what I was doing near the cruiser. In his brief speech at the Capitol, Bush promised to "bring the country together" with his commitment to "civility, courage, compassion and character. Inside a gleaming steel-and-marble complex, the Secret Service and 50 federal, state and local agencies will monitor action in the sky, on the ground and in the subway system.The first inauguration of George W.

Bush as the 43rd President of the United States took place on January 20, The inauguration marked the commencement of the first four-year term of George W.

Bush as President and Dick Cheney as Vice President. Mass protests confront Bush at inauguration He was referring to the unprecedented police/government attempt to suppress the right to protest at the inauguration. "From these $50 perches, as shocked members of the Presidential Inaugural Committee looked on, the protesters chanted: 'George Bush, racist murderer!'".

In compliance with a lawsuit-inspired court order, the District of Columbia has handed over significant amounts of security data to the International Action Center, a protest group that maintains. The first inauguration of George W.

Bush as the 43rd President of the United States took place on Saturday, to protest the outcome and controversial circumstances of the U.S. Presidential Election. Wikimedia Commons has media related to George W.

Bush presidential inauguration on YouTube; Sites for news coverage of the Location: United States Capitol, Washington, D.C., U.S. Demonstrators who are arriving in Washington to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump will be following a time-honored tradition that includes suffragists and opponents of the Vietnam war.

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Local anti Bush protests

Bush's inauguration. She Founded: Sep 18,

A overview of 2001 presidential inauguration protest
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